14th/19th/23rd/24th May 2016

Extracts from Facebook Page


Just because I like this one.




At some stage I suppose I will have to remove this! The bathroom in the UAE is just as it was. Will be leaving permanently over the next few weeks so will have to do it sometime. Not yet though.




This is Senna. A dear friend and employee of Ian’s. He went home to Sri Lanka and had a sort of wake come prayer session for his boss.




My life currently consists of sorting sorting sorting. Two houses to de-clutter in preparation for a move hopefully sometime in June!! The trouble is that each bit I do I come across something of Ians, or something of memory, so I am having to do little bits at a time as it all gets a bit too much. I cannot throw anything away. But I am having to empty wardrobes and move clothes, aftershaves, shoes, bloody underpants etc. I am just putting them into suitcases for now to transport to the new house,then they will stay there until I am ready to do something with them. I did think moving the UAE home would be hard, and it has been, though not completely finished there yet. Our UK home was where mainly I and the youngest stayed, and Ian only stayed a few weeks per year. Therefore, I thought this home would be easier. WRONG. This was the last home that Ian left. The last bedroom he slept in. The last bathroom he used. The last for lots of things. There are items in the food cupboards he bought at xmas. Magazines he read in December. His xmas presents!

Whereas, I classed the UAE as our marital home, this one holds very poignant memories too. Slowly slowly slowly I go. Do a bit. Stop. Do a bit more. Stop. This may take quite a while!!




Here is me wallowing in my own pit of grief when I get that wake up call of I also need to be a cuddler to my kids as they are too still in an enormous amount of pain. Had the youngest one in floods of tears this morning as Father’s Day is looming and it is her first of first important days without her dad. We are going to get another teddy like the one I have with a little piece of Ian sewn in so that she has her own daddy bear. It’s very hard watching the others suffer too.
















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