15th/17th/18th April 2016

Extract from Facebook Pages


Oh I have been a brave girl. Due to moving 3 dogs and 2 cats back to the UK and already having 2 dogs and 1 cat in the UK, I had to look for a bigger house but more so a bigger garden to house them all. I have spent all week viewing. Feeling disappointed with each one as I went. Yesterday I went to one house at the given time, knocked on the door, and a lovely lady answered and said…………oh I didnt know you were coming. Strange, But non the less, she showed me around a beautiful old 1930s house with big rooms and loads of character. Best I had seen so far. Went upstairs and looking through the windows on the back, I noticed the garden of next doors house which had a big greenhouse with pool in it. I suddenly realised I was actually at the wrong house and the house next door was my actually appointment. The house I was in had somehow fallen under my radar and had not made my list. We both laughed and I rushed next door to view that one. It was horrible. Went back today to the house I had invaded, and knew it was so right for me. Ian would love it. Big rooms, quirky nooks and crannies, a dogs shower room lol, and dog gates to stop them coming into the living room etc, and a lovely big garden with apple trees, plumb trees and all sectioned off dog proof. They had 3 big labradors. They bought the house 9 years ago, on my actually birthday!! Anyway, I put in an offer and its been accepted so now I can move forward with arranging all the pets to come home. Phew. One massive task ticked off my long list of to do’s .



For weeks, the battles of daily living and all that it was bringing was one knock after another knock. Life was very harsh on top of grieving for my lovely man. This past week has given us some good positive signs. I found a house. My youngest got herself a part time job whilst at college. My son in law got offered a good career move. My lovely housekeeper in Dubai has found a new position. And my eldest daughter, Emma, who sufferers from mental health and has been sectioned for many many years is coming to the football today. Her first for 9 long years. This week, my Ian, is smiling down on us all. It will always be a bumpy ride. But this is as good a respite as it gets. Here is a lovely pic of Ian, Harper and Emma just 4 days before Ian left us. Keep us smiling Ian. xx





Strange how I want to preserve the memories of those last couple of days with Ian. I find that I recite them to anybody that wants to listen. I went down to the estate agents today to give details in etc, and sat there for a good half an hour going through events. As most of us, as we get older, we lose some of our memories and we need a good jog to bring them back. Ian was always saying oh do you remember going here, or do you remember him, or remember that programme on the TV etc, and for the life of me I couldnt remember. Even Leicester games, I struggle to remember scores from the year before,unless they were memorable ones. So maybe that is what it is. I do not want to forget those last few days. Even the horrible bits. They were horrible, but they were the last time I sat with him. The last time I saw him. The last time I spoke to him. Maybe, this is my mind working for me in saying…………..talk about it. Dont forget it. As if I ever could!










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