8th January 2015

Extracts from my Wilting Widow Facebook Page

Well the story so far…think I will just add some paper clips. They tell most of it…

Leicester Mercury 

Liverpool Echo

Received today from liverpool football. Jurgen Klopp signed it too. Oh Ian would be bragging his pants off right now



8pm and not too bad today apart from when the clergyman or non religious man came round to speak about the service next week and i had another bit of a melt down and had to disappear for a fag. Also notice that I take far too long to do simple tasks. Booking a flight took me nearly an hour. I am normally the competent one. The organiser. But not now….. I have lost some skill sets somewhere. I have become the dumb blonde! Nearly all sorted for next friday. Got a great Order of Service with lots of pics of Ian ………………was tempted to put one out there in just some skimpy pants, but refrained!! for now!! Got to go down to the funeral directors monday and finish all those bits off and get some pics blown up and one for the cermony too. I want to get a load to put round the house too. Ihave one of him right now smiling at me. He smiles at me all the time! I miss you Mr Midgley xx

In bed now. Do I have a sleeping pill or not?? Maybe try not first. Don’t like the nights. Gives me thinking time. I try not to think too hard because it hurts. Life is a bastard sometimes LYIM


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