8th/9th/15th June 2016

Extracts from Facebook Page

Many months ago I started the process of getting our 3 dogs and 2 cats in the UAE ready for shipping home to join my already 2 dogs and 1 cat in the UK. (well they actually fly, but you know what I mean!!). Rabies vacs – done, yearly injections and boosters – done. Then disaster, as the shipment with my furniture accidentally packed their passports. No problem. Managed to get the shipment before it left the UAE docks and someone rescued so said passports. I was in the UK at this time. Came back this week to discover so said passports were not the right ones, so the animals passports are currently at sea somewhere. OK, plan d e or f by now, go visit the vets and beg for new ones. Go to the vets and its shut. Not just shut but closed. Boarded up. Managed to find where they had relocated and it is just an empty building having work done to it. OK. Phone the Vets Denise…No answer on any of the 3 numbers I had. Then discovered so said Vet is in England and will not return until July. Far too late for me to get these animals back. Complete panic now, but, as always, I will never give up. Phoned up another Vets in Dubai. Explained the situation and they managed to get me all new passports all stamped and ready to go without any cost what so ever. So, after spending a lot of time thinking I can now understand why Ian didnt want all these bloody animals, I have now got them all ready and packed to fly to the UK hopefully next week. Anyone fancy a dog or two?? In Shallah!!!


Well tonight is probably the last night of stopping in my marital home in RAK. I think I will still be visiting the UAE on business and meeting up with friends, but this is my last full night in mine and my husbands home. 9 years ago we embarked on our journey together of living in the UAE and moved out to enable Ian to take over and run a family business. We have had a blast. We were visited by many friends and family from the UK, and we met some amazing friends here that will remain with me for eternity. We have laughed so much. We have had so much fun. We have cried together over Ian and everyone will still sit and talk about some fun things they had with Ian or some funny conversation with Ian. I will cherish these memories for ever. As said previously, this last few years in RAK have been the best years for us as a married couple and we loved it. Al Hamra will always have that very special place in my heart. I may move forward, but I will never forget those very very special people that were involved in mine and Ians great times, and helped me, throughout their own suffering, to try and cope with these last few months. My heart will break tomorrow boarding that flight, but my smiles will remember what we had and what we shared and what I will take away for ever. Thank you special people of Al Hamra. You all know who you are. A lot have also moved on now. Without you all I would not be able to write this. Without you all I would not know how to move from day to day. Without you all I would not have such incredible memories. Ian, I know, will always have a special place in all of your hearts. For that, I am so grateful, and so proud. This is not goodbye. This is the next chapter. And I will continue with my great friendship with you all in the future. Back to the green green grass of home for me. Whatever I have here in the UAE I will be taking back. I am not leaving Ian here. He is coming back with me. I am moving forward. With Ian in spirit. But with the knowledge of such love from all of you. Thank you xxxx



There is one person that has been a part of our family for the last seven years that deserves a special mention. Bebelen Camba Odogan has been our housemaid and looked after all of my children, my grandchildren, my hubby, and all of my animals with every ounce of love in her body. She is loved by us all. It is with great sadness that she will now move on to another family, and remain in the UAE. They are indeed, very very lucky people to have Bebelen (Lyn) joining them. This is never a goodbye. Our paths will cross again. But I would like to take this opportunity on my widow wall to say one of the biggest thank you’s ever. She has joined me in crying, in laughing, in packing up the house, and remembering the great man that Ian was. Lyn was so much more than a housemaid. She became a Midgley too. The most loyal employee anyone would ever wish for. God bless you Lyn. And thank you. You made all our lifes very special. xxxx





Well the dogs and cats are on the plane tonight and should be with me by lunchtime tomorrow. It will be a very tight squeeze in my house for a couple of weeks until I move. It may just smell a bit too!!! Another little chapter done and dusted once they all get here. 5 dogs and 3 cats. I wondered if I can charge people to come and view my zoo haha.
Things have been exceptionally hectic since being back in the UK and will remain so for a few weeks no doubt. I think this is good for me. I have very little time to dwell on things.
One very poignant day will be fathers day at the weekend. However, I have spoken to the youngest and said many people never had good fathers, and many people never even knew whose theirs were. She had an exceptional father, who may not be with us, but Sunday will be a time to remember how wonderful Ian was a dad and step-dad, and to feel very lucky that he was in their lives. We will make it a happy day with tears no doubt.





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