Dubai merges UK

Today the shipment arrived, and I was, at last, able to amalgamate my UAE home with my UK home, even though I have absolutely no room for most of it, and therefore the garage is full of boxes.  And I mean full!!  A double garage with no space to swing a cat anymore.  However, it feels good.  It feels right, that I now have 9 years worth of UAE things mixed in with my UK things in my new forever house.  It will take me many months to get things all sorted I am sure, but I am very happy that I really do have my main life with Ian over the last near decade, back home with me now.  It may be just furniture, but it was OURS.  Not mine, nor his, but things we built up over the years abroad.  Huge chunks of history.  And now all together under one roof.  I may be extremely exhausted but I am content.

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