Birthday Boy Makes an Appearance

Yesterday we did a barbecue for Ian’s birthday, which is today. Elodie, the eldest granddaughter, who is nearly 5, let off a chinese lantern to go up to heaven for grandad. She gave it a kiss, with some lipstick on, and just as it was about to fly to the skies, the song that he used to sing with her, and one that we played at the end of his funeral, came on the itunes that was blasting out. These Itunes have over a 1000 songs on, and was on a shuffle, and I cannot remember ever putting this song on there, but somehow, it made its appearance and made the whole thing very magical. That has to be a sign that Ian was not going to miss his own barbie and it felt that everything was alright in our little world, cause he is happy. Happy birthday Ian. As the song goes……… are telling us its a nicer place. xxxxxxxxxx

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