Christmas Past and Present

Well Christmas is fast approaching and I have decided to still do roughly what we always did. I shall cook. The family will be here. We will have presents and have fun. We will have champagne and strawberries in the morning because that was what Ian started as a tradition, together with the poached eggs on toast. I will not, however, be having a big turkey as my carver man is not here and I just could not bare anyone else taking that role. Oh Ian loved his job as carver. Normally a bit tipsy by then, he would be telling jokes and pratting around in his usual xmas spirit. He was master at the table even though I had been the one cooking all day haha. We have always had good xmases, even when there were squabbles by the younger ones!! or Ian got too pissed!!! Or a few years ago and everyone was sick and pucking everywhere. Before we bought a house over in the UK we would rent a holiday cottage or lodge close by to family for the xmas period. One year we had a lovely big place and the central heating packed up xmas eve, so it was freezing cold but we managed it. Another year we had lodges in a lovely wood area but it rained and was so sludgy and we had to split the cooking between lodges because the ovens were not big enough and we spend ages carrying cooked food from one lodge to another covered in mud (us not the food!) That was when everyone wall ill. We have had xmases in Dubai in the heat, but still done a traditional roast and drank wine which was actually called Fat Bastard. My mum came over for that one, and Ian proudly presented her with the wine…………..she did take it in all good fun! I think that was the year that Ian was so drunk by dinner that he was carving and lobbing the turkey across the table onto peoples plates. I was so mad at the time but now its just funny. I remember our first xmas when a couple of days later the newspaper had written a list of the most naff presents a man could buy his wife, and I had received 70% of them lol. Xmas day was always a bit wild in our house. It may be quieter this year, but we are still going ahead and doing exactly what Ian would have wanted.Christma

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