Nearly Ready

I think I am finally on top of the Christmas shopping. I have the tree up and nothing else, nor do I think I shall put up any other ornaments or Christmas decorations. The tree is pretty and is just right for this year. As usual, I have bought loads, wrapped loads, and spent loads!! But, I cannot say that it has brought me much pleasure this year. I think I went into a mechanical robot approach, and I am sure I have brought two or more of similar things for people. Maybe they will have to do a swap shop! I have had a bit of a widow brain this year, so I think I shall be excused if things are mixed up, or duplicated, etc. I am not feeling festive, nor excited, apart from the fact that I get to have my eldest daughter with us for Christmas day, which has not happened in the last 10 years due to her illness. I shall make it her job to carve the turkey. Ian would have been proud, but also slightly alarmed (in a jovial manner) that I am giving the knife to a previous self-harmer. Sorry Emms, but he would have found that very funny but he will also be extremely proud of what you have achieved and overcome, and I am sure he will be watching and smiling his big grin down on us when you carve that turkey. No-one else would be suitable for this job but you this year. x

This will also be the first time since the grandchildren were born that they do not wake up in our house to see that Santa has been. Understandably so though, as they need to start their own little family Christmas celebrations as a unit, but they will be sorely missed on the day. It is going to be a strange Christmas for sure!

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