Counting Blessings

I went out today for breakfast with my eldest daughter and she brought along two of her lovely friends who are also suffering mental health issues and live in the same mental health unit. Both these girls are beautiful human beings that have just been dealt with absolutely crap throughout their lives and have had an horrendous journey to date The youngest, who is 22, has never ever been to the seaside. Never. I took some crackers for us to pull today and it is the first time she has ever pulled a cracker. She has been in the care system since 12. Extreme scaring from self harming. Yet she is a SURVIVOR. The other lovely lady was around about 36. Had two children that got adopted when they were tiny – aged around 2 and 4. She was in an abusive relationship. She does not know where her now teenage children are but she is allowed to write to them once a year with birthday and xmas cards, which are held by social services until the children become of age to receive them. She clearly loves her children. I have no idea, nor want to know, all the reasons why all those years ago she lost her kiddies, but I do know she is very proud of them when speaking about them. This lady has also had several years of severe self-harming. Yet again, she is a SURVIVOR. This got me to thinking when driving home. These two lasses have not many good memories at all. I have loads. Who is the luckier one here? I am. We are all surviving in our own way, but how lucky am I to have such wonderful memories. Life is cruel, but it maybe is thoughtful to know that there are others who suffer and have suffered far far worse. Today I count my blessings.

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