18 Months

Post dated from the 26th May


18 months tomorrow. That feels like a bit of a milestone. The last few months I feel I have been in a bit of a depression. Life has been hard even though I try and push forward. But today I got up and I actually thought to myself …….stop chasing your path. Be happy for today and enjoy what you currently have. The future will sort itself out in time but be happy for what I have. Stop worrying about where I am going but be joyful for what I have. And you know what? I am just going to do just that. I am going to be happy and enjoy today. Sod tomorrow. Today is good. Tomorrow I can deal with. My path is now. Eighteen months. It’s a long time but still seems like yesterday. My love for my husband never diminishes. Nor would I want it to. I still survive. Just. Maybe. But I do. Love you always my Ian. Keep looking after me, as I know you do x

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