I went along to a psychic switch meeting last week!! It was emmmmmm fun but not very connected to myself. Basically there was 7 tables with 8 members of the public around each one and a so called psychic would sit for half an hour and talk to individuals, then change tables. One male psychic joined us and told two young sisters in their early twenties that they had a grandad on the other side. Neither girl could remember him. However, according to the psychic the grandad visited their bedrooms frequently turning lights on and off and watching them!! Well, that was it for me. I was having to bite my hands to stop laughing as the poor girls looked mortified. There was a few ladies that thought they had got a message but it was all very tongue in cheek…….. the psychics would say to a person……I have a man…….is it your dad on the other side….NO…….oh its your grandad. Or if it was a woman that had apparently ‘come through’ then it would be mum or if not grandma. I did not come away disappointed as I never went with any expectations and if Ian had been around he would also be crying with laughter at them all. An enjoyable evening no less!

2 thoughts on “Psychics

    1. Hi I don’t think it gets easier. I think you get used to taking the grief along your life journey so you kind of get used to it and it becomes part of you. I still manage to smile each day and enjoy life to the best of my ability. It is a strange road I walk! Xx


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