I went along to a psychic switch meeting last week!! It was emmmmmm fun but not very connected to myself. Basically there was 7 tables with 8 members of the public around each one and a so called psychic would sit for half an hour and talk to individuals, then change tables. One male psychic … More Psychics

18 Months

Post dated from the 26th May   18 months tomorrow. That feels like a bit of a milestone. The last few months I feel I have been in a bit of a depression. Life has been hard even though I try and push forward. But today I got up and I actually thought to myself … More 18 Months


A part of grieving, so the books say, is anger towards the person who died. I never felt this. I never felt angry at Ian for dying. It wasn’t his choice. He didn’t mean to go. This was a part of grieving that I thought the text books had wrong! Nope.. they were right. I … More Anger


15th March from my FB page   It has been quite a while since I last wrote in here. The main reason being that there has been a lot of negative things going on in my life that could not and maybe should not be shared, particularly at this time. Things will be written about … More Turmoil

I Will Survive

Well, thats the firsts all out of the way bar the funeral. In some ways it feels worse now. A year ago on all of the ‘firsts’ were happy memories. Now I only see what it was like this time last year – the fall out. This time last year was horrendous. A year back … More I Will Survive

Counting Blessings

I went out today for breakfast with my eldest daughter and she brought along two of her lovely friends who are also suffering mental health issues and live in the same mental health unit. Both these girls are beautiful human beings that have just been dealt with absolutely crap throughout their lives and have had … More Counting Blessings

Nearly Ready

I think I am finally on top of the Christmas shopping. I have the tree up and nothing else, nor do I think I shall put up any other ornaments or Christmas decorations. The tree is pretty and is just right for this year. As usual, I have bought loads, wrapped loads, and spent loads!! … More Nearly Ready