10 Months

10 Months today.  Strange how only a few things are counted in months…………….a start of a relationship; a new baby; time before a holiday; months since you became a widow! Reflecting over the past few weeks, I have come to realise that I have now become two different people in the same skin.  I am … More 10 Months

The Speech

I wanted to write a little about Ian and I, then suddenly realised I could just put up my speech that I wrote for his funeral.  It is sketchy but tells a little of our story together………………………………….. I first met Ian nearly 14 years ago on a blind date.  Mutual friends had swapped our phone … More The Speech


Sometimes it is good to indulge in the wallowing of grief.  Sometimes, as a widow, we have to indulge in the crying and self pity of where life has took us.  Take time out and just wallow.  Widows have earned that right.  We wallow then get right back up and start out days again.  As … More Wallowing

Grandad and Angel Kisses

Today is our eldest granddaughters 5th Birthday. I find it extremely sad that this is another first for us. No Ian to be around for her birthday. She is very precious to us all, and I am sure grandad will be smiling down on her. Lots of angel kisses for our sweet princess.    

9 Months

9 months tomorrow. Wow. How did that happen? 3/4 of a year gone. Many milestones jumped over. Some days just as hard as the first, some days not as hard, but still painful. Every day, every hour, every minute, you remember. Someone asked me the other day………do you still think of him a lot…….and I … More 9 Months